For dogs and humans who are working through reactivity, crate anxiety, fear, poor leash manners, recall hiccups, anxiety, foundation resets, etc. Focusing on your dogs needs and behaviors we create a training program that’s best suited for them and you. Each session (60-90 mins) will take place in your home until we have created consistency in behaviors. Below are the training packages, starting at $600+ tax.
Once you’ve successfully completed our comprehensive training program, you have the option to book monthly touch-up sessions. These sessions serve as an opportunity to reinforce learned behaviors, address any emerging challenges, and fine-tune your dog’s skills. Our goal is to ensure that the training outcomes endure over time, providing ongoing support as you and your canine companion continue to grow together. Whether it’s refining obedience commands, addressing specific behavior concerns, or simply maintaining a strong bond, our monthly touch-up sessions are tailored to meet your evolving needs and promote continued success in your journey with your dog.
We start with a free phone consultation evaluate your dogs’ situation develop a personalized training plan. Packages include text, calls, email support, video instruction through a free app, slip lead, PDF workbook, free access to Pack Sabbath and discounts for extra sessions, group classes, and workshops.

*If your dog is displaying aggression an in person assessment is required. ($150)

The 4 Pack

This program focuses on teaching you and your dog marker systems along with basic foundations (“down”, “sit”, “come”, loose leash walking, etc). The 4 Pack is designed to establish a clear line of communication between you and your dog, building trust and fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. The training is typically done with the use of positive reinforcement techniques executed with a focus on clarity and consistency. It also includes instruction on handling, socialization/exposure, and troubleshooting techniques for common behavioral issues. 
The 4 Pack will provide you with a strong foundation for furthering your training and helping you and your dog develop good habits. Whether your dog is a rescue, a new puppy,  or if you’re looking to improve your dog’s current skill set, this package is for you.  Not suitable for behavior modification.

The 6 Pack 

A robust program designed to  improve specific undesirable behaviors your dog is working through, like reactivity, separation anxiety, fear, aggression, etc. The 6 Pack involves the use of positive reinforcement techniques executed with a focus on clarity and consistency to teach your dog new skills. This program includes an assessment of your dog’s behavior, your training goals, development of a customized training plan, and regular follow-up sessions to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. The ultimate goal is to develop a well-behaved, happy dog who can thrive in various environments, and establish stronger relationships.

The 8 Pack

A fully comprehensive breakdown of the skills you needed to modify extreme behaviors. Can also be for those who want to continue to grow their skills as handlers.
This two month+ program will focuses on your home environment and your dog’s instincts to channel them into a mutually beneficial lifestyle. 

Sound Hound Social Club

Familiarize your dog with new environments while increase your skills as a handler. Exposure is the game. Socialization is the goal. Honing your dog’s abilities to cope with unpredictable environments.

A 4 week group class with max 6 dogs, each week we go to a new location and build up you and your dog’s skills. Reactive dogs welcome!

Hybrid Training

A 4 week training program that involves both in-person and virtual training is a comprehensive program that combines the benefits of traditional in-person training with the convenience and accessibility of virtual training.

The package typically includes a mix of live, one-on-one training sessions with Hannah and her demo dog Trunks, as well as online resources and virtual training sessions that can be accessed at any time.

This type of training package is designed to accommodate different learning styles and provide a well-rounded training experience for dogs and their owners. This package was created for those who have a difficult schedule to work around or for those who’d like to have more support throughout training. Best for behaviors like foundations, leash manners, reactivity, recall, place training, crate training, etc.