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Welcome to 3 of Hounds

We are a Calgary AB based dog training company dedicated
to the human-canine relationship


Welcome to
3 of Hounds

We are a Calgary AB based dog training company dedicated to the human-canine relationship

3 of hounds Dog Training - Hannah and Trunks in Calgary AB

At 3 of Hounds we believe that each human-canine team requires a different approach for success. We strive to help you and your dog build a strong & balanced relationship through a dog training program tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

By understanding your dog’s behavior, environment, and routine we will give you the tools to introduce and maintain good behavior, alter those unwanted behaviors, and provide a structure that makes both you and your canine companion thrive.


Hannah is AMAZING!!! My dog became reactive and was bad on the leash. With outstanding expertise, Hannah was able to help me work with it. I have been taking the advise and practicing the set exercises at home everyday and the results are wonderful. I highly recommend 3 of Hounds for their professionalism, awesome advise, and for their friendly and kind character. This business truly cares about the development and well-being of your pet and they have helped me gain the results needed to safely take my boy out for regular exercising. I love, love, love them!

Gillian & Ryder

Hannah worked with me and my 1 yr old pug mix puppy Winston for training because I was having trouble with Winston's reactivity. I would spend so many hours on Google, Reddit, YouTube etc. trying to research how to help curb his behaviour but wouldn't get any results which is when I sought out private training. He is extremely reactive especially on leash but I saw major changes after each session with Hannah, and he was receptive to Hannah's training techniques. Hannah's knowledge on dog behavior and training was incredibly insightful and helped me gain confidence as a first-time dog owner and to also be a stronger advocate for my pup 🙌

Sheila & Winston

Thanks to Hannah, our dog has changed from being scared of everything to a curious, affectionate, lovable dog. Hannah has been amazing! She quickly understood that our dog’s aggressive behaviour was due to being scared. Each training session was tailored specifically to our dog’s needs. She taught us how to read our dog’s body language and showed us what to work on between sessions. We saw improvements in our dog’s behaviour after each training session.

Monica & Haley

Hannah was fantastic to work with for dog training! Our dog Rawson can be a bit of a rude/excitable greeter and Hannah helped us learn how to better manage him with appropriate tools and training methods. The one on one private training in the house was hugely beneficial and the support and care Hannah has provided has been so helpful. I would definitely recommend 3 of Hounds to anyone needing help with training their dogs!

Kristen & Rawson

Hannah was such an amazing trainer! You can tell she really cares about dogs! We took our french bulldog to her because he was very reactive with leash pulling and it was becoming a struggle to take him for walks. But literally after our first day with Hannah, we started noticing huge positive differences in his walking. Since our training sessions, our pup walks so well with no leash pulling and constant check ins! We are so proud of him. She helped our pup with other things such as learning to control his excitement, leave it (which we also struggled with), and recall. After every class and by the end of the day, Hannah would send us a recap of what we learned and reminders of what to practice at home. My partner and I seriously recommend Hannah for training. She also offers a dog walking service which we have just recently enrolled our pup for too!

Tim, Jasmine & Hippo

For some doggy tips & a lot of photos of Trunks


1 on 1 Training

Helping you through any unwanted behaviors, basic obedience training, and structure in the comfort of your own home.

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Hybrid Training

This program is built for those who have busy lives. A combination of in person and virtual training to make it more accessible for you and your lifestyle.

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3 of Hounds Dog Training - Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

A trainer in your back pocket! Trunks and Hannah demonstrate different techniques and exercises that you can easily do at home. 7 days long, highly interactive.

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