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About 3 of Hounds

With over 7 years of working with dogs, it’s safe to say that Hannah has learned a thing or 2 about the human – canine relationship.

What started as a part time dog walking gig, has turned into a full time training operation. When Hannah and Trunks (her American Staffordshire Terrier Mix) aren’t running around Calgary helping people and dogs communicate, she is continuing her learning through accreditation programs and specialized courses. Canines have truly become her 24/7 passion.

It is through this tireless passion and continued learning that Hannah has created a platform of dog training based on the relationship between dogs and their humans.  Just like us, all dogs are different, and require a unique approach to achieve their training goals.

It is by analyzing and understanding your dog’s behavior, environment, and routine that 3 of Hounds will give you the dog training tools to introduce and maintain good behavior, alter those unwanted behaviors, and provide a structure that makes both you and your canine companion thrive. Whether you’re dealing with reactivity, anxiety, fear, leash manners, recall, nuisance behaviors, or aggression we can help.

Training is an ongoing process throughout your dog’s entire life. Dog’s are a big commitment, but 3 of Hounds is here to help you build a respectful and trusting relationship through communication and consistency.

3 of hounds Dog Training - Hannah and Trunks in Calgary AB